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ah yes, women’s equality day—the holiday commemorating the day white women gained the same voting rights white men already had for over 100 years.

Native women weren’t even eligible for US citizenship until 4 years after that date (largely thanks to the efforts of Native suffragette Zitkala-Ša), the US was still naturalizing Native people as citizens as recently as 1940 (20 years after white women got the right to vote), and it wasn’t until the 1965 Voting Rights Act that the federal government overrode state efforts to deny Native citizens (and other citizens of color) the right to vote. also like obvi voting rights are not really the best measurement of equality anyways bc i’m pretty sure women, especially WOC, still aren’t really treated like human beings 24/7 in this country yet.

so yeah it’s women’s equality’s day as long as equality is defined as voting rights and Black & Brown women aren’t really considered women.